Maintenance Plans

Posted by Tony Christian on 20 July 2017
How to Prevent a Claim through Proper Inspection and Maintenance July 7, 2017/in News /by Andrew Silcox General wear and tear on a property is inevitable. For business owners, it's particularly important to maintain and care for property in order to keep the long-term costs of owning these assets down. Why Property Maintenance Is so Important A minimum investment in the maintenance and care of your business assets can help avoid larger bills for extensive repairs in the futur...
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STRATA Fixtures & Fittings issues

Posted on 29 June 2017
BODY CORPORATE (STRATA)  FIXTURES & FITTINGS INSURANCE ISSUES "In accordance with the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 2008, a Body Corporate must ensure Common Property and Body Corporate Assets and also "Buildings" in which lots are located. There are many additional inclusions on the Insurance Policies, some of which we are often asked about at the meetings that we attend, in particular, we are often queried on what Lot Owners Fixtures and Impr...
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Cyber Insurance

Posted by Tony Christian on 29 June 2017
Cyber insurance and your small business It might be easy to dismiss cyber crime as completely irrelevant to your business on account of its small nature who would actually take the time to exact a cyber crime against your small business when they could be hitting the big leagues, right? The reality is that cyber crime is believed to cost Australian businesses of all sizes around $4.5 billion a year, but despite that, so few businesses are insured against it. In fact, small businesses have bee...
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Strata v Non Strata Insurance

Posted by Tony Christian on 29 June 2017
There are significant differences in building cover and contents cover between strata and non-strata homes. Find out what you need to know with our no-nonsense guide. Most people would agree it's smart to be insured in the event that your home or belongings are damaged or destroyed. But did you know that cover for strata properties can differ to that offered for non-strata homes? We highlight some differences between the two here in this simple guide. (Note we have used CommInsure's h...
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Business Interruption

Posted by Tony Christian on 29 June 2017
THE TYPES OF BUSINESS INTERRUPTION INSURANCE AVAILABLE Insurance policies use different terminology and take different approaches to they way they insure for business interruption. The issue for you as the buyer is to ensure you match your needs to the covers available and get the most appropriate. Do not buy on price or speed. It is too important a decision for you and the ongoing prosperity of your business to do that. When a claim occurs you do not want to find that you are trying t...
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